My Vim Setup

My Vim Setup I’ve been learning Vim for more than a year now. Here, I will share the plugins that I find useful and make coding easier in Vim. Vundle — I use this for managing plugins. vim-css-color — Highlights color in css. vim-gutter — Very helful when you use git. Shows a git diff in the gutter. vim-better-whitespace — Highlights whitespaces. fzf — Is originally a command-line fuzzy finder but you can also install it in Vim.

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TIL: Format psql record output

TIL: Formatting psql output You can format your query output to more readable format. \x on It will output a vertical record instead of horizontal when record is not fit into the width of your screen. You can also make it automatic \x auto To turn it off \x off See more on postgres docs docs


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